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SAT or SAT Free
May 23, 2024
Just Ask Z
May 23, 2024
Hidden Treasures
Hidden Treasures
May 1, 2024

“Just Ask Z”

Helpful advice from Untied’s own.

I feel like a fraud! I simply do what my teachers ask me to do in terms of studying and assignments and for some reason I am considered “smart” by people around me. However, I do not feel this way about myself; I am an average student who does what is supposed to be done. What can I do to stop having this feeling of fraudulence about myself?  

  • Enough is Enough

Enough: It is crucial to recognize your accomplishments and honestly give grace to yourself. Especially in a competitive environment at school, students can often think that are doing the “bare minimum” and “never enough” when that’s not the case. 

  • You Are Not a Fraud!

Being a “Fraud”: If you are being told that you are smart, then I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong. You are studying and doing your assignments, which is enough. Don’t try to overwork yourself till you fully drain out. 

How do I complete Cornell Notes as fast as possible?

  • Cramming the Cornell…

Cram the Cornell: There is no legitimate way to accomplish Cornell Notes in one hour (I wish there were) so having the discipline to control your time wisely is the key to finishing your Cornell Notes as fast as possible. Doing 1-2 notes daily is an effective method to get them out of the way. I also recommend jotting down the most important things if you want to get them out of the way. Yes, they can be tedious, but it is a very helpful skill.

Should I take in the stray dog that is in my neighborhood? He’s timid but always comes up for food.

  • Just Take It

Take it: If your parents allow it, yes! The dog has some attachment to you since it seems like what you are providing them is their only food source. I don’t think it’s very safe for a stray dog to roam the streets of Los Angeles. It is also unfortunate if it has no owner, so I suggest keeping it and continuing to provide for it. But maybe take it to the vet first, to make sure it is up to date on shots. 

What do I do when I sit with my toxic ex during class?

  • The Red Flag is Waving

The Red Flag: According to 1 in 3 young people experience unhealthy relationships.  I want to get it out of the way now just to say never try to rekindle that relationship even if they’ve  “changed.” It’s simply a manipulation tactic, so don’t fall into that hole.

  • Avoidance

Avoid: If you ever feel unsafe or uncomfortable sitting next to your ex in class, talk to your teacher about it. Oftentimes, teachers can understand that students experience relationships at this age, and sitting next to an ex can be distracting when learning academics. They would gladly place you in a seat where it’s less distracting for you to learn. 

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